Quotes I am familiar with Bonnie’s high caliber corporate computer work. To fix or repair a problem is one thing, but first one needs to properly diagnose the issue. Lots of people can swap parts on a carburetor. But knowing that the carburetor is the culprit, or which part of the carburetor is malfunctioning takes a Pro. Bonnie is that Pro. Whenever my firm needs troubleshooting and repair with Macs or Apple devices Valley Mac Solutions is my choice. Quotes
Norman Lieberman
President, Your First Priority
Quotes It’s a great company! Quotes
Janice Cohen Ben-Aderet
Quotes Top-flight Unix and Mac services Quotes
Robert Meer
Quotes Bonnie is very personable and talented with her knowledge and can by far teach anyone anything about what she knows, near or far. In person or via internet or video chat. She has a vast knowledge computer systems as well as programs. Quotes
Quotes I’ve known Bonnie for years. She is very knowledgeable and very dedicated to her work. Glad you are making this move, Bonnie. Good luck and much success. Quotes
Larry B/Michigan
Quotes New to Mac or need some help? These guys are the place. Check ’em out. Quotes
Jason McKay
Quotes If you need help with your computer, you need to call Bonnie at Valley Mac Solutions, she’s the best! Quotes
Joann Bianchi
Quotes Get great technical support from a long-time Apple person. Quotes
Loralie Freeman
Quotes There is no one to whom I would rather trust my computer–and, more importantly, my irreplaceable data–than Bonnie Ornitz and Valley Mac Solutions. Quotes
George Mole
Satisfied Customer
Quotes wanted to give a shout out to Bonnie for being a honest small business owner. Hopeful to work with her in the future! Quotes
Ashley Grescheck
Quotes Congrats on your new business Valley Mac Solutions. Im so grateful to you for listening to your advice of buying a mac 2 years ago. It has proven to be the best investment for my business and radio show. It saved me so much money and time to have all the features in the laptop with out having to go out and constantly buy new software. Many thanks, again.
QuotesDe Boone
Social Media Strategist
Quotes “I have been using her services for approximately two years now and have not found anyone that is as tech savvy as her. Not only tech savvy, but specifically Mac savvy. She has h…” Quotes
Debbie Elkayam
Satisfied Customer