Hardware/Software Services Provided:

Set up new Mac
Recommend hardware and software to efficiently meet your needs
Upgrade Operating System
Troubleshoot system performance issues and recommend solutions
Preventive Computer Maintenance including File System Check, Disk Permissions Verification and Repair
Connect and configure hardware devices (printers, scanners, external hard drives, iPhone/iPad/iPod, AppleTV)
Install, configure and troubleshoot wired and wireless routers
Connect and configure Bluetooth and Wireless devices
Configure email
Configure Time Machine backups
Import/Edit photos and videos from your iPhone, digital or video camera
Import music into iTunes Library and set up playlists
iOS device customization (iPhone/iPad/iPod)


Interface (desktop and dock) training
Application training (iTunes, iPhoto, iMovie and Garage Band)
iOS device training (iPhone/iPad/iPod)
Download, organize and use apps on your Mac, iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

Windows/PC services available also.